Setting specific products to be discounted

Setting specific discount settings to your online store is very convenient. It allows you to specify the discount to either a group of collections, to specific products only, or to the entire store. In this article, let us learn to set discounts to specific products on your online store. 

Step1. Access your Shopify account and open the Lion Wholesale app.

Step2. Click the Edit icon on the pricing group that you want to modify. In this example, we are going to edit the Gold Member group.

Step3. In the Set Products to be discounted section, choose Select Products to be discounted

Step4. A list of products will then be displayed. Click the +Add button on the products that you want the discount to apply. If the product you want to specify is not found on the list, you can type the product name in the Search bar and look for your product in the results. You can also click the +Add All button to select all the products listed.

As soon as you have made your choices, your products will then appear in the Selected Products section. The +Add buttons on the selected products will also be replaced with a check mark. In this example, we have chosen three products. 

Note: If for some reason you change your mind and you wanted to remove a selected product, simply click on the x button. 

Step5. Click Save Pricing Group.

The discount on the pricing group is now applied to your specified products only.

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