How to deactivate a Pricing Group

Giving out discounts and freebies to loyal customers can be fulfilling and rewarding. It gives you a different kind of satisfaction knowing that you have made your loyal customers happy with your products and they also feel valued and appreciated. However, there are times that you need to deactivate a particular pricing group for the time being. It can be because there is no customer on your list that is qualified to belong to the group yet, or you need to temporarily stop discount activities on a particular group. 

Whatever the reasons may be, deactivating a pricing group can be done in a breeze. Follow the steps below:

Step1. Access your Shopify account and open the Lion Wholesale app.

Step2. In the Wholesale Pricing/ Discount Groups page, choose the group you want to deactivate and click on the Edit button. In this example, we chose the Gold Member group.

Step3. In the Set Discount Details section, uncheck the Active box.

Step4. Click Save Pricing Group.

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