Adding Optional Settings for Discounts

Do you want to give out more discounts to your loyal customers without compromising your sales for your online store? You can by setting additional conditions on the discounts that your customers can get so that sales are protected while making your customers happy. These conditions can be a minimum number of items per purchase, a minimum amount for the entire cart, or a minimum number of items for a specified product. Let's take a look below at how it's done:

Step 1. Access your Shopify account and open the Lion Wholesale app.

Step 2. Scroll down to the Optional Settings section.

Step 3. Click the Min Cart Requirements tab.

 Step 4. Enter your preferred Total quantity required for discount to be applied. Let us set 5 on this one. So this means, the customer has to purchase 5 items before he can avail of the discount.

Step 5. Set a minimum amount for the whole cart in order for the customer to get the discount. Let us put in 300 here.

Step 6. Click the Min Product Quantities tab.

Step 7. Set a minimum number of items for a specific product and search for the preferred product by clicking the drop-down menu. We have set 3 items of Nice shoes as an example here.

Step 8. (Optional) Click the + Add another min quantity rule button if you want to add another line of the same rule.

Note: You can also tick any or both boxes if you prefer. The first box means the customer will only be allowed to check out if the conditions are met. The second box means the discount will only be applied if the customer buys the item in multiples based on what you have set. In the example condition we created, the items should be purchased in 3s for to avail of the discount.

Step 9. Click the Volume Discounts tab.

Step 10. Enter a minimum amount that if met, will allow the customer to get an additional discount. In this example, the customer gets an additional five percent off if his purchase is higher than US $1000. 

Step 11. (Optional) Click the +Add another discount tier button if you want to add another line of rule. 

Step 12. Click Save Pricing Group.

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