Changing Language Settings

The Language on your online store is what is used as the terminologies or labels for specific features or functionalities that are visible on the product pages. Customizing the language settings is helpful so that you can easily understand or identify what a term exactly means or what it is referring to. It also allows you to use unique but simple labels that are easy enough for your customers to understand.

This article will guide you on how to change or customize language settings for your online store. Let us learn how:

Step1. Access your Shopify account and open your Lion Wholesale app.

Step2. Scroll down to the Language Settings section.

Step3. In the Product Page Wholesale Pricing Text field, enter the text that you want to appear for the Wholesale Pricing in each of the pages per product. Let us use Wholesale Rate as an example.

Step4. Enter the Product Page Wholesale Discount Text as how you want it to appear on the product pages. In this example, let us use Special Price as an example.

Step5. In the Product Page Individual Price field, enter the individual Wholesale Price text that you want. In this example, let us use the default term Wholesale Price.

Step6. Enter the Product page Discount Value Text. Let us use {{discount}} less in this example.

Step7. Enter the Cart Wholesale Discount Text. In this example, let us use Privilege Discount.

Step8. Click Save Settings.

You now have customized language in your online store.


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