Setting individual prices

The net prices of the products in your online store are automatically shown each time a customer adds the product to his cart. These net prices vary depending on the discounts that a customer is entitled to have based on his account. For example, a customer that has a Platinum Member account adds the Nice Shoes to his cart, and he sees its net price of US $66, while a customer that has a Gold Member account sees the net price of the same item amounting to US $84. These net prices are automatically computed based on the discounts entitled to the customer.

However, you can set individual prices for any of the products on your online store to override the automatically generated price that is visible to the customer, regardless of his account’s entitlement. You can set the individual price for a specific product or a specific group.

This article will guide you on how to set individual prices to the products on your online store.

Step1. Access your Shopify account and open your Lion Wholesale app.

Step2. Click the Settings drop-down arrow and choose Individual Prices.

All products in your online store will then be displayed with the following information:

  • Product ––  This column displays the product name, color/variation, SKU, and the regular price.
  • Customer tag/pricing group –– This column(s) displays the specific name or tag of the group of particular customers with their discount entitlement in percentage. In the image below, there are two groups created; the Elite Member and the Frequent Buyer.
  • Bulk Actions –– This column displays the icons for the actions (Set to default discount and clear) that will apply to the entire row instead of setting it individually in each column.

Step3. Choose the product that you want to modify and enter the values in the fields provided. In this example, we are going to set individual pricing to the Cool Kicks shoes for Platinum Member accounts. This product should have a net price of US $70 for Platinum Member accounts.

Note: After entering an amount in the $ field, the % field automatically generates the discount in percentage based on the amount you have entered. Clicking the Edit icon or leaving the fields blank in any of the columns sets the net price of the product to the default discounted price depending on the account.

Step4. Click Save Prices.

The product page will now show the individual price that you have set.

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