How to test the discounts in my cart page

After configuring the discount settings on your online store, you need to test it to make sure it works properly as how you expect it to. Follow the steps below to learn how to properly test the discounts you have set in your online store:

Step1. The pricing group settings that you just set up for your customer accounts should be displayed on the Wholesale Pricing/ Discount Groups page when you open your Lion Wholesale app. Choose one of the pricing group and click the Test button on it.

Note: In the image above, we chose to test the Platinum Member account.

Step2. Follow the instructions on the next page. The first one is to ensure that you have a "customer" account made up to test with. If you do not have one yet, click here to learn how to create one.

Step2. Make sure that you have the correct tagging for the customer. If you have not tagged the customer account yet, or you need to edit the tagging, click here to learn how.

Step3. Log in to your store using the customer account that you have created for testing purposes.

Step4. Browse the catalog and choose a product. Based on the tagging of the customer profile that you have created, any product you browse should show a discount of 45 percent.

Step5. When you try to add the product to the cart, the 45 percent discount should apply.

If all the steps above worked as expected, Congratulations! It means you have properly set up the discounts for the specific groups on your online store. 

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